Tony is an educator who has dedicated his life to helping others to find the strength that they have within to live fuller, richer, more meaningful lives.  He works with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them find the fire within to fuel the lives that they desire.

Training Classes Offered

• The Health of the Helper –
This training is designed to work with “helpers” (and this applies to all of us) to help them understand how, by the thoughts that we think and the words that we use, we add unnecessary stress to our lives.  By understanding how thoughts impact our lives physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, we can use the power of thought to regain control and maintain balance.  We help individuals and organizations learn to use this information to remain in a productive state of mind when working in stressful situations

• Bridges Out of Poverty
This training is designed to help organizations to understand the culture of poverty and to equip them with tools to help them deal more effectively with individuals from poverty.

Keynote Speeches

Conference Breakout Sessions

Individual Coaching and Mentoring


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