While working with one of my daughters, Monica, to gain more insight into our ancestry, I came across this quote on the 23&Me ancestry website that explains my maternal lineage.  It is one of the most profound statements that I’ve heard and one that resonates deeply within me.

Once we truly understand the deep meaning of the statement, we’ll stop the fight against one another based on race, religion, national origin, and any other artificial barriers.  In my understanding, the furthest we can get away from each other is to be a “cousin”.  Let’s put our faith into practice and learn to love each other.

….. After all, s/he ain’t ___________(fill in the blank) s/he’s my cousin!

Here is the quote:

If every person living today could trace his or her maternal line back over thousands of generations, all of our lines would meet at a single woman who lived in eastern Africa between 150,000 and 200,000 years ago. Though she was one of perhaps thousands of women alive at the time, only the diverse branches of her haplogroup have survived to today. The story of your maternal line begins with her.