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Is it any wonder that we have become a population that is struggling for survival? Down through history, we have somehow learned that, when we are struggling, we should look outside of ourselves and to others for the help that we need.  Now we have become a world of “dependents” always looking to other people and/or organizations when we are in need.

How did we get so lost?  How did we stray so far from ancient wisdom that told us to “Know Thyself” and to “Look within”?  Why don’t we take heed to religious writings that tell us of our power and our ability to do “greater things than these”?

It’s time… way past time in fact, to refocus and to reclaim the awesome power that is our birthright!  To that end, the work of Central City Development, the non-profit that I have quietly led for the last 18 years, will continuously and relentlessly work with people to help them discover/rediscover the awesome power that lies sleeping within them.  This mission is embedded on all the activities that we present.

We will not contribute to the creation of people who just rely on other people and organizations and survive by getting handouts of “fish” until the next crisis occurs. Instead, we will channel our efforts toward the creation of “fishermen” and “fisherwomen”

The process starts with the individual and evolves into the creation os self-empowered families; eventually serving as a foundation for self-empowered organizations and communities, both locally and globally.

We seek partners and partnerships interested in teaming to deliver transformative services, document and replicate the process, and conduct research around this worthy endeavor.  Unlike many change initiatives, this work must start with the individuals, groups, and organizations that will lead the process.

Training will first be delivered to the helpers (partners in the process) to build an understanding of the power and the effectiveness of our approach.  All participants in the change process, from providers to participants, will possess a common language which will enable us to communicate with all individuals involved across the spectrum.

This approach has been developed and refined (and will continue to be refined) based on 19 years of action research by Central City Development Corporation.  It has shown consistent success and effectiveness across the socio-economic spectrum. We boldly stand behind our ability to bring about life-changing transformation in the people, families, organizations, and communities that we serve.  Stand with us in this long-overdue approach to human transformation and community change.

This is the Easter season.  Like Christ, let us all rise and become the powerful and joyous beings that we are meant to be!