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There is an old Cherokee legend called, “Two Wolves” or “The Wolves Within” http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/TwoWolves-Cherokee.html that talks about the struggle that goes on inside of all of us.  The story is told in many different ways in many cultures.  Sometimes we talk about the voices on each shoulder, each with a different message.  The choice is always between good and evil, or love and fear.

We are confronted with that choice moment by moment, day by day.  And like the legend asks, “Which one will win?”  As the legend says, the one that we feed is the one that will win.  We so often forget that we are the ones who decide who will win.

There are always two ways to view a situation – we can view it with love or we can view it with fear (which comes in forms such as anger, hate, unforgiveness, etc.).

The good news is that the choice is always ours.  And remember, we reap what we sow.  Sow seeds of love, and love abounds.  Sow seeds of fear, and fear will grow.

Change the way you see things and change your world.