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I believe we all have a “peace” threshold.  It can be set at a low level, and when it is, we give up our peace by letting people, places, or things bother us in such a way that we are no longer peaceful. Our emotions are on a constant roller coaster based on who or what comes into our lives.

With wisdom and faith, we gain a higher level of consciousness and we raise our peace threshold.  With a higher peace threshold and a better perspective, we understand that it is not people, places, and things that upset us and cause us to give up our peace, but it is how we respond and react to those people, places, and things that is the problem.

Our natural state is one of love and peace.  When we operate from that higher state, all is well.  The wonderful things is that we all have a choice.  When we decide to choose peace rather than the drama we sometimes create, then people, places, and things no longer have the power to steal our peace.

It’s our choice!  Choose peace!